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Safe Transfer A/S

Safety for life

SafeTransfer Personel Basket
Brief Definition of a

Personnel Basket: Uncompromising craftsmanship, superb quality

The personnel basket or transfer basket is engineered to provide safe and efficient personnel transfers between offshore installations, drilling rigs, and vessels. This basket is built with the aim of significantly improving safety during transfers, ensuring a secure journey for personnel.

The basket features a robust, non-collapsible design made of AISI 316L stainless steel with shock-absorbing capabilities for enhanced protection.

Our unique 1145-4-N basket has achieved the NORSOK R002:2017 approval and is fully certified according to this high standard by DNV.

Success of the basket

Safe Transfer

Safe Transfer© personnel basket was developed in 1985 by the Danish shipping company ESVAGT A/S.

Because of the success of the basket, ESVAGT A/S decided in 2014 to transfer the production rights to West-Marine A/S. Immediately the company Safe Transfer A/S was established to continue the success and improve the basket further.

With an unwavering focus on innovation and collaboration, we are steadfast in its mission to elevate the design of the personnel basket for offshore transfers. Through ongoing research and development, we are determined to ensure that our personnel basket remains at the forefront of industry standards.

ESVAGT Rigid standing Basket

A personnel transfer basket is a preferred mode of transferring personnel as it is safe, fast, and economical.

The rigid standing basket – our Safe Transfer Basket (ESVAGT) is among the most successful transfer basket for the safe transfer of crew.

Two standard types one for four passengers and another for eight passengers have been enlarged with a special version that meets the NORSOK regulations r002.

Offshore safety is key

Crew transfer is often seen in offshore marine activities, particularly at the oil rigs and offshore installations. A personnel transfer basket is designed for marine offshore transfer with the overall purpose of enhancing safety levels for personnel being lifted between ship and platform.

Development of this personnel basket now comprises a rigid seated basket – even with the possibility of accommodating stretchers.

Safety for life

In this video, you can learn more about how our safety baskets are constructed.

Work at sea can be dangerous, especially when it comes to transporting employees from ships to platforms out at sea. The key focus must always be ensuring your employees’ safety. Safety above all. That is also the fundamental principle of Safe Transfer. Based on this, we have developed our unique safety baskets.

They are designed to last forever, and constructed to make employees feel secure regardless of wind and other weather conditions. Hence, our safety baskets are certified and documented as the safest and most durable on the market. We never compromise. Just like you don’t compromise on the safety of your employees.

How does the Safe Transfer Baskets work?

See for yourself how the Safe Transfer Baskets work in this video. 

You will get a glimpse of how the personnel is secured inside the baskets and how quick, safe, and effective the transfer between offshore installations, drilling rigs, and vessels can be. 

Your Safety is our Business

We take great pride in having passed the rigorous evaluation process of Bureau Veritas Certification, earning their trusted mark for reliability, sustainability, and trust. Our top-notch personnel transfer basket demonstrates our expertise and commitment to excellence.

As a member of the Achilles JQS system, we have undergone a comprehensive procurement evaluation, ensuring our compliance with relevant EU procurement directives and reflecting our commitment to quality.

Our basket has also received ABS Type Approval Product Design Assessment (PDA), which confirms our product’s adherence to manufacturers’ specifications, ABS Rules, and national or international standards.

Moreover, we are proud to have earned the NORSOK standard, a highly regarded safety standard in Norway. Our 1145-4-N basket is the world’s only basket to receive this approval and is fully certified by DNV-GL according to this stringent standard.

Safe Transfer ISO 9001
Safe Transfer Achilles JQS
ABS Design Assessed

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