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Personnel Transfer Basket 4-person

The safe personnel transfer basket 4-persons was our first type of personnel transfer baskets
Safe Transfer with

Personnel Transfer Basket 4-Person

In 1985, ESVAGT introduced the first personnel basket capable of accommodating up to 4 people – the 1145-4. This high-quality basket was developed with a focus on safety and constructed to meet the highest possible standards.

Built from durable AISI 316L stainless steel with shock absorption, the rigid, non-foldable structure has undergone continual improvement to ensure the highest level of safety for personnel. The 1145-4 basket remains a trusted solution for safe and comfortable personnel transfer.

The success of the basket “created”

Safe Transfer

The company Safe Transfer was established in 2014 to continue its success and improve the basket further.

Safe Transfer has continuously improved the safety of the basket and enlarged the number of personnel transfer baskets to meet more requirements.

Your safety is our business

The Bureau Veritas Certification mark stands for reliability, sustainability, and trust. Companies succeeding in earning certifications from Bureau Veritas Certification prove expertise and excellence. We are proud to have passed the Bureau Veritas Certifications process due to our top-notch personnel transfer basket.

The Achilles JQS provides suppliers with an industry-accepted procurement service that enables compliance with the relevant EU procurement directives. Being part of the Achilles JQS system is another quality sign.

Instruction video

You will get a glimpse of how the personnel is secured inside the baskets and how quick, safe, and effective the transfer between offshore installations, drilling rigs, and vessels can be. 

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