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Personnel Basket Arctic Type

A high-quality personnel basket arctic type with space for up to 4 persons

The Personnel Basket C Briefly

The original Safe Transfer personnel basket arctic type is “non-collapsible”, 100% manufactured in the EU, and made of AISI 316L stainless steel welded to form a corrosion-resistant rigid frame. The flooring is made in 5 mm aluminium plates with a non-skid surface.

All screws, nuts and bolts are made in AISI 316 stainless steel to be well protected when in offshore operation offshore.  

Lifting Sling for the Safe Basket

The lifting sling contains two independent slings, one of which is an elastic compensator the other either a chain-sling or a wire-sling depending on the customers’ wish. Each of the slings carries the basket with its payload, in case the other sling collapses.

Available in a length of 3mtr. or 5mtr. the lifting sling is attached to the crane hook with two large master links sizes 32*270*140 (mm).

Personnel Basket

  • Specifications

  • Height

    3232 mm

  • Diameter (incl. fender)

    2600 mm

  • Total weight

    965 kg

  • Self weight

    465 kg

  • SWL

    500 kg or 4-person

  • Weather Limits

  • Wave height

    3.5mtr.(NLS) 6mtr. (LS)

  • Wind speed

    15m/s (NLS) 17m/s (LS)

  • Temperature

    -50°C to +70°C

  • Documents

The personnel basket will be delivered with a physical folder containing all certificates, an instruction video on CD and the QA checklist last performed according to our ISO 9001 certification.

Your Safety is our Business

Ensuring, safe, quick and cost-effective personnel transfer between offshore installations, drilling rigs and vessels the Safe Transfer basket is extremely popular.

The basket is constructed to enhance safety and comfort level for personnel during transfers.

Certificates document a high level of security so a number of certificates are listed here. But please have a look at certificates for the Safe Transfer Personnel Basket.

Evacuating a Person

The basket can also be adapted with a rescue stretcher for safe evacuation of injured. Thereby will a stretcher equipped to the basket for the safely transport the injured person, while 2 rescuers stand beside the stretcher in the basket. A stretcher adapted for the basket safely transport the injured person, while 2 rescuers stand beside the stretcher in the basket.

The stretcher mounted to the basket by using ratchet straps doesn’t need any other tools to ensure safe and rapid transport of the injured person.

Safe Transfer Certificates

  • DNV GL – Type Approval Certificate
    • The standard for Certification 2.22 Lifting Appliances
  • ABS – PDA Product Design Assessment
  • Danish Technological Institute (Notified Body)
  • European Standard EN 14502-1:2010
    • Cranes-Equipment for the lifting of persons Part 1. suspended baskets
  • NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and load test
  • Certified lifting sling

Personnel Basket Comparison

 Safe Transfer (4 or 8 pers.) Versus comparable baskets

The Safe Transfer personnel basket was originally developed by Esvagt more than 30 years ago and been enhanced ever since.

Key Features to the Offshore Transfer Basket

Rigid structure of safetransfer

Rigid structure

The inside vertical structure of the Safe Transfer baskets is covered with synthetic foam and tarpaulin for protection of passengers.

Welding for the personnel basket archic type


All weldings are performed by certified welders and in accordance with procedures approved by DNV GL. All primary structure weldings are fully penetrant tested.

Non-skid surface

Non-skid surface

All entrances/exits and floor are fitted with a non-skid pattern to ensure safe entrance and exit.

Top-net and float

Top-net and float

Top-net for protection of drop objects. Floating fender top and bottom.

Lifting sling set for the personnel basket arctic type

Lifting sling set

Safe Transfer are delivered with lifting sling and compensator, covered with a highly visible material. The compensator serves as a tag line, helping to control the basket by the crane operator. Lifting set length: 3 m or 5 m

Rope webbing for the arctic type

Rope webbing

Four spliced rope webbings are attached to the upper and lower structure. The rope webbings provide extra safety for personnel inside the basket.

Closing straps for the personnel basket archic type

Closing straps

Rope webbings are fitted with fast click buckle straps ensuring fast and easy exit. Options available.

Shock/impact protection

Shock/impact protection

Orange PUR fender to protect passenger for harmful deceleration by landing, and if the basket is subjected to a lateral impact due to swinging against an obstruction.