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Equipment for the Basket

Offshore Equipment for the Personnel Transfer Basket

Equipment for the Basket

Working offshore means you have to be prepared with equipment for the basket in case of emergency or evacuation. Having seats inside for the crew to sit on and buckle up sometimes isn’t enough.

A hoisting stretcher was developed in Denmark for the purpose of transporting injured personnel. Various equipment / spare parts are available for this stretcher.

Equipment for the basket of

Safe Transfer

Our stretchers being M2 approved were designed for the safety of injured personnel. M2 approved means they are made of fire-retardant tarpaulin: We probably have the safest personnel transfer basket in the world, why this stretcher, of course, should be the same quality.

Equipment for the basket - fixed stretcher

Fixed Stretcher

The stretcher is placed into the frame of the basket and is fixed by pulling/pushing the stretcher into place between the rope sections. A strap-tightener in each corner of the stretcher is applied. Read more in the Guidelines.

Stretcher with buoyancy

Stretcher with buoyancy

The stretcher was developed to transfer injured personnel within the maritime environment. If stretchers get into the water, the inflatable buoyancy chambers cause them to float and automatically turn to get the patient’s face up.

Stretcher without bouyancy

Stretcher without buoyancy

Stretcher without buoyancy was developed to transfer injured personnel within the onshore environment.

The stretcher is NOT equipped with any buoyancy to prevent sinking.

Harness for Stretcher - equipment for the basket

Harness for Stretcher

The ergonomic harness for stretchers was developed by West-Marine A/S to give the rescuers hands-free operation in a difficult environment and to help the injured person by holding an infusion container.

Backpack for the stretcher - equipment for the basket

Backpack for the stretcher

When not in use the stretcher is gathered in a backpack making it easy to store and transport. Stored folded in a backpack saves space and makes transport and stowing easy.

Tarpaulin - equipment for the basket


The tarpaulin protects your basket from any kind of dirt, when not applied. The tarpaulin is equipped with a ratchet strap tightener to ensure kept in place even during harsh weather. It is available for the 4-person, the 8-person, and the NORSOK approved 4-person, sit-down model.

Your safety is our business

Safe Transfer A/S owns all rights regarding the development, production, service, and distribution of the personnel transfer baskets.

Starting with a 4-person basket, our development department developed an 8-person model in 2012, and in 2018 the world’s first and only NORSOK R002:2017 approved basket. In 2018 we improved the pad eye to further increase the safety of our products. All new baskets have three lifting points, where the compensator and lifting sling are attached independently.

ISO 9001 for Safe Transfer
Safetransfer Achilles qualified

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