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Personnel Transfer Basket 8-Person

The transfer basket for 8-persons was the follower of the 4-person basket designed in 1985

Personnel Basket for 8-Persons

In 2012, ESVAGT introduced the 1145-8 personnel transfer basket, designed to accommodate up to 8 people. This high-quality basket is ideal for marine offshore and ship-to-ship transfers, providing enhanced safety for personnel during these transfers.

With a secure design that allows crew to stand facing outwards while inside the basket, the 1145-8 offers superior protection against the risk of falling. Its innovative design and commitment to safety make it a top choice for offshore personnel transfer.

Success of the basket

Safe Transfer

The Transfer Basket helps in offshore drilling sites to ship transfers however, seafarers must recognize the risks involved in each task. To reduce accidents special instructions are to be followed – please read our Guidelines.

Your safety is our business

Safe Transfer A/S is dedicated to ensuring personnel safety, and holds all rights to produce, distribute, and service the 8-person personnel transfer basket. Our focus on safety has earned us recognition from top industry certifications, including Bureau Veritas Certification and Achilles JQS.

The Bureau Veritas Certification symbolizes reliability, sustainability, and trust. By successfully obtaining this certification, Safe Transfer A/S has proven its expertise and excellence in the industry.

Being part of the Achilles JQS system also demonstrates our commitment to quality and compliance with relevant EU procurement directives. Trust Safe Transfer A/S for your personnel transfer needs and know that safety is always our top priority.

ISO 9001 for Personnel transfer basket 8 person
Achilles qualified - personnel transfer Basket 8 person

Instruction video

See for yourself how the Safe Transfer Baskets work in this video. 

You will get a glimpse of how the personnel is secured inside the baskets and how quick, safe, and effective the transfer between offshore installations, drilling rigs, and vessels can be. 

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